Community Acupuncture – the recliner revolution

Many people are confused enough about what acupuncture is let alone community acupuncture.  This short article will explain what community acupuncture is all about and what it’s benefits are.

North American model of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is becoming more common and more popular in North America.  Most clinics treat patients on a table in a private room.  The treatment generally takes an hour and often includes a lot of talking.  This is not traditional in Asia, where acupuncture usually occurs in a community setting.

Traditionally acupuncture was often practiced in a group environment, with daily or even multiple treatments per day. For various reasons, when the medicine moved to the West, a one-on-one model, with one treatment per week, in an individual treatment room became standard. When performed this way acupuncture is generally expensive. People have trouble affording the number and frequency of treatments that are understood within the profession as needed to provide the optimal results.

The Community Acupuncture model

a relaxing community acupuncture treatment​The community style of acupuncture helps to keep the cost of treatment reasonable and creates a powerful healing environment. As social beings we quickly pick up on the mood of a room or group of people. In the community treatment room, most people quickly enter into a deep state of rest, relaxation, and healing.

Here at Your Health Span all initial intakes are done in a private room.  I will discuss your health concerns with you, do a tongue & pulse diagnosis and create a treatment plan for you. Your treatment plan will include the number and frequency of treatments recommended and may include a herbal medicine prescription.

You will receive your treatment in the community room.  We use points on the head, ear and below the elbows and knees to treat the entire body, so there’s no need to undress – just remove your shoes and roll up your pants and sleeves. We can even address your back pain by treating points on your wrists and hands.

You will be with other people quietly receiving treatment at the same time. There are many benefits to getting treated in a community setting. In our busy society, it is not often we stop and take time to relax while surrounded by our peers. This is not a lack of privacy but an opportunity to experience treatment with family, friends and community. The shared experience makes individual treatments more powerful.

For more information:
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About Laureen Macintosh

Laureen Macintosh is a Calgary acupuncturist dedicated to helping you feel your best. Laureen’s practice focuses on stress, chronic pain and general wellness. She has a desire to make acupuncture accessible to everyone and chose the Community Acupuncture model of treatment as the best way to accomplish this.