Why Health Span

Why I love what I do for clients.

I have always been a happy person, and like many, many people I know I wanted to have a career that helped people and made the world a better place. In my search, I literally stumbled into massage therapy. Then after I graduated I worked with lots of great clients and I really loved the time I spent with the Canadian Men’s soccer team. But after a couple years, I decided to follow another opportunity.

When I met the love of my life, he was a widow with two small children. As we adjusted our lives and became a family I wanted to have a job that worked around the schedules of my children, where I could arrange to be there when they needed me, and also attend soccer, hockey, and track.

Once again I stumbled back into massage therapy. I began working with a lot of seniors, who had serious health issues, and as I got better and better results, I also got more and more referrals, and requests for other services. So many requests in fact that I couldn’t possibly take another client! In an effort to serve everyone, I began to hire therapists to help.

As we celebrate our 10th year I feel very blessed to be working with the kindest, most dedicated therapists I have ever met. People that regularly put a clients’ needs above their own plans, and who deliver an exceptional service.

Taking a client who has pain, stress, stiffness, difficulty moving, out of control emotions, and improving their quality of life is everything to me, working with people who feel the same is absolutely icing on the Chocolate Cake.

Mission Statement
To enhance the quality of life, physical and emotional of every person working for us, with us or touched by us.