Massage Practice 101- 10 tips for 2019 : part one

Happy-Businesswoman-Looking-At-Laptop-958336164_8485x5657 Massage Practice 101- 10 tips for 2019 : part one
Watch your numbers!

1.  Massage Therapy is like any other business, your numbers tell the story of your success.

Unlike working for someone else, you define your success, so take some time to think about what you want to do this year.  Is your practice already where you want it to be?  Then great, you might think about raising your rates by a dollar or two, do you need more clients? How many?  When will you see them, or will you hire someone to help, now is a great time to play with these numbers and figure out what you want for the year.

When you know what you want, pick at least 3 and no more than 5 things to track.  

  1. Our total weekly appointments- for the whole team together
  2. Individual therapist appointments and the ones they decline( so if they miss their own targets, they can see how choices affect their goals.
  3. Declined appointments
  4. Website ranking for keywords
  5. Income and expenses weekly.

At Health Span we track those 5 things weekly yours might be different. 

Therapist Success is everything here

Because our company is founded on therapist success, our focus is tracking that.  When we have happy therapists, they provide better service, and develop better relationships with our clients, each other and us.  

2. Massage Practice 101 – Be Present and client focused

Massage therapy can be a lot like meditation, when outside thoughts enter your mind gently push them away.  Listen to the body of your client, focus on the muscle tone, and what is happening, and let everything else go.

By really focusing on your clients, you will enjoy your practice more, and will feel much more balanced at the end of the day.  But more importantly your clients will feel nurtured and restored.

th_central-oregon-spa-facials Massage Practice 101- 10 tips for 2019 : part one
When you focus on your clients during massage, and gently push all other thoughts aside, it improves your feeling of balance, but also the clients sense of being nurtured

3. Be Rigorous about time

Massage Practice 101

If there was one thing that I wish was taught in school, it would be this.  Be on time, if for any reason you are late, communicate that to your clients.

Clients are busy too, and fitting in an hour or two for a massage appointment might be hard for them.  Respect their time! 

Then respect your own time, if a client is late, especially habitually then end the appointment on time, gently explain you have another commitment that can’t be moved.   That’s all.

thumbnail_large53 Massage Practice 101- 10 tips for 2019 : part one
Reflexology foot massage

4. Provide value for your clients

Too often the advice we get on building our practice ignores the needs of our clients, or our fear of being taken for granted rears its ugly head, and instead of focusing on how great we should be making clients feel, we think about how much we can charge.

Start with giving clients all the time they paid for, upgrade your skills to suit the needs of your clientele, if you work mostly with younger families, take a Maternity Massage workshop or Pediatric Massage.  If a great client is diagnosed with an illness do some research.  Not only are you providing great value to your clients, you are opening your practice to a specialty, referrals, and more. 

5. Massage therapy that focuses on Client Comfort.

Massage Practice 101 – Client comfort is key and often overlooked. 

Put the headrest under their neck, use a table warmer, make sure your kit has both scented and unscented oils, are they warm enough?  Easy right?

In my 25 plus years of working with clients and therapists, I can tell you that only 1 in 25 therapists buts the padding from the face cradle under a clients neck, and 99% of the time a client loves that.

What can you do to make a client more comfortable?

1-Individual-or-Group-Custom-Packages-1024x684 Massage Practice 101- 10 tips for 2019 : part one

Make sure your clients are comfortable on your table

5. Know your competition

Massage practice 101– know your competition, which in our market is vast, you don’t have to know them all, but is anyone doing anything super cool?  who are the really big players in your market, are they doing anything that you really admire?  Or anything you want to avoid?

Find our who your friends work for and ask them what is really great about where they work.  

It is tempting to go looking for dirt, that is a bad idea, most of the trash people talk about a place they work or used to work is tainted, and you aren’t trying to be like your competition in the ways they fail but to learn from their success. 

This Week in Wellness – week before Christmas book family Massage Therapy!

Wellness is always relative, and it is important to keep it in perspective, leading into the holidays can be especially tricky.  Especially with young families.  Avoiding overload is extremely important to a happy holiday season and finding ways to add healthy activities and nutrition into the week before Christmas might just be one thing too many.  Massage therapy is the answer!  Specifically house calls with the therapist bringing everything they need to make an amazing experience for you and your family. 

One great and super easy way to schedule ia wellness day, is to go to the pool or the outdoor rink as a family in the morning, and then book in-home massage therapy for everyone in the evening.  Or just book a family Massage day for the evening, when everyone is home, and you and your kids need to recharge for the week ahead.  It is really easy, a therapist will arrive at your home, bringing everything they need, they will set up their table in an out of the way spot somewhere in your house, and proceed to take care of the aches, pains and stresses of your whole family.  (or just you)

boy-on-massage-483390921_5760x3840-1024x683 This Week in Wellness - week before Christmas book family Massage Therapy!
Children love massage therapy

Leading through example is great, we all want to give our kids a healthy start to their lives, but there are a couple other side benefits for you, the way too busy parent.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for you and your family

  1. Your kids will think you are super cool and their friends will be jealous.  
  2. Your kids will be totally silent and occupied for the hour of their massage, giving you time to wrap presents, cook super or tidy up.  Or sit and look aimlessly into space.
  3. You will have an hour (or 90 min) of relative peace during your Massage session.  This is especially effective if you book your sessions so that your kids are in bed while 
  4. Giving your kids a healthy start is a goal of all parents, and massage  both feels good and helps restore health and balance even to kids.
  5. You don’t have to drive your kids anywhere, and when you are done your session, instead of driving home in a cold car you can pour a glass of wine and luxuriate in the feelings of well-being.
free-massage-calgary This Week in Wellness - week before Christmas book family Massage Therapy!
While your kids get their massage therapy session, you can get tings done the hour of quite while they enjoy their session can give you time to cook super, wrap presents, or just read a good book. 

In-home Massage is a great way to give your kids the Healthy Start they need.

In addition to making them feel good, massage can help children with growing pains, anxiety, trouble sleeping, and focus.  Not only does it feel good, but it is truly good for them.

Teaching your children healthy ways to handle the inevitable stresses of life is an important life lesson. 

This Week In Wellness! Ready to start?

this week in wellness reducing pain

Earlier this summer I decided the time was right to start taking control of my health.  Like many small business owners, I have been busy taking care of my team, my family and my clients, and have neglected myself.

A year and a 1/2 ago, my high blood pressure but me in the hospital, with what we thought then was a heart attack but turned out to be a benign tumor on my adrenal gland.  

The consequence of that is very high blood pressure that does not respond to medication, and makes me extremely tired, and has contributed to a huge weight gain.

As I waded through the process over the summer, I once again partially abdicated my responsibility for my health.  Although I have honoured the symptoms of my current diagnosis, mostly by giving in to the extreme exhaustion when I used to fight through it, and sleeping more, I had to give up the exercise program I was registered in, as my blood pressure is dangerously high. 

However, owning a Massage Therapy and wellness company, I know I can do more.

This Week in Wellness has begun

I am starting with two challenges this week and I hope you will join me.  

Healthy Start to the day!

Today is the start of a 30 day yoga challenge for me.  It is a start so I choose 10 Min Morning Yoga for Beginners from SarahBeth Yoga.  It is easy, and in 10 min you can feel the kinks work out. 

Canazen-lifestyle__22_ This Week In Wellness! Ready to start?
Starting the day with a quick and easy yoga routine works out the kinks, and gets blood flowing to your brain, helping clear your thinking so you can prioritize your daty. 
Friends-stick-together-910422478_6898x4306-1-1024x639 This Week In Wellness! Ready to start?
Plan some time with a friend this week, going for a walk, or attending some live music

Massage Therapy and Gratitude for the good it brings.

Feel completely restored with massage therapy

There is a lot to be grateful for this year, I live in a great place, love the people I work for and with.  And I have the luxury of creating the life I want everyday.  

Massage therapy, and my mobile massage practice is responsible for a lot of my gratitude.  Although I really don’t see many clients anymore, I do get to talk to people everyday, and work with them to solve problems; of pain, of stress, of the time crunch we all face, and how hard it can be to take care of yourself, while also taking care of a family.

Mostly as this year ends though I am grateful for the team of therapists that I work with, and for how this industry has evolved.  

First Massage therapists, and especially the ones we work with.  If you have had a massage from one of our therapists, you have likely noticed that many of them speak English as a second language.  The backbone of our incredible team are the incredibly brave, compassionate and nurturing women who left behind the comfort of the country they grew up in, and think of as home, in order to travel to a country that is cold in winter, has a different language, and where the education that they already worked hard for was not recognized. 

They moved out of love, bravery and hope for a better life, for them and their children.  

I feel really blessed to have them in my life, and as part of my business.  That love that drove them to make a better life, also gives them amazing empathy, and gives their touch, their massage skills, an extra depth of nurturing that makes what we do a little bit special.

Young-woman-getting-head-massage-at-day-spa-salon-913090502_6720x4480-1-1024x683 Massage Therapy and Gratitude for the good it brings.
Massage therapy, not just to relieve muscle aches and pains, but to completely restore your spirit, energy and focus.

Massage therapy as a professional has also evolved in a way for which I have gratitude.  

Leaving behind some of its flightiness and  taking on a serious mature position in the world of Health and Wellness. 

Students leaving school now have a much more comprehensive knowledge base and skills for Massage and other types of treatments than we had 25 years ago.

As a result of this training, and the hard work of our professional associations, in Alberta, in Canada and beyond, we also have far less confusion about the services that we offer, and the benefits we provide.

Friends-stick-together-910422478_6898x4306-1-1024x639 Massage Therapy and Gratitude for the good it brings.
Massage therapists and the profession has come so far, we all deserve to be proud of this!

 Gratitude has been the focus of my personal wellness practice this year, and I have started each day by listing three things I am grateful for.  And having a business I love, working with people I love and serving such amazing clients is often on this list.

We Look forward to serving you and your family in the New Year and the years to come, whether as a client with Massage therapy or other services, a therapist or just a member of our larger community.