As a Massage Therapist are you Afraid of your clients questions when you work on their feet?

thumbnail_large23 As a Massage Therapist are you Afraid of your clients questions when you work on their feet?
Massage Therapist using Reflexology to make treatment more effective

Does your Massage treatment include the feet?

Lis Kunzi, who has been practicing Reflexology for 20 years has heard time and again from clients that have just had a massage, and then a couple days later book a reflexology treatment.

When she talks to her clients they tell her that they love massage, but it doesn’t completely relax them, they feel like something is missing, and often further questions reveal that they missed having their feet touched.

Without that work on the feet, which carry us everywhere we go, they feel like the session was unfinished.

When talking to therapists it seems there is a different set of problems, some therapists just don’t like to touch feet, they feel like they are dirty, and the skin is thick, so common techniques don’t work as well.

Or they feel silly when a client asks a question about what they are doing. Many clients have a little knowledge of reflexology and assume their therapist will have even more, and that is just not usually true.

thumbnail_large53 As a Massage Therapist are you Afraid of your clients questions when you work on their feet?
Reflexology foot massage added to a regular session

A Massage therapist with knowledge of reflexology is better at their job.

Clients love having their feet touched. As you might know, reflexology is an ancient healing art supported on the belief that our feet have reflex points that correspond to the body’s organs (liver, kidneys, lungs etc.), and systems (lymphatic, endocrine, muscular, etc.), so by applying pressure to these reflex points we can positively affect the body’s health.

When our energy levels are out-of-balance it impacts our health. When our body is in-sync, we feel good and can better enjoy life.

Adding a few reflexology techniques to the end of a massage treatment will further enhance a client’s experience, giving them the best of both modalities. 

On April 6th, join Liz Kunzi for a workshop is to teach Massage Therapists specific reflexology techniques that you could add just before the conclusion to a massage treatment.

You will learn ‘what is’ reflexology, moving on to discuss the many benefits that reflexology brings to a client’s health. I’ll talk about the differences between Eastern versus Western approaches, and include the differences between massage and reflexology.

Close-up-of-unrecognizable-therapist-massaging-womans-foot-at-the-spa.-942144848_7952x5304-1-1024x683 As a Massage Therapist are you Afraid of your clients questions when you work on their feet?
Adding Reflexology to Massage therapy

Where all the body’s organs, glands and systems are mapped out on the soles of the foot, especially teaching all the proper hand-holding and working reflexology techniques. 

As a Massage therapist this workshop is a must!

Email Liz Kunzi at

Your face is so dry it might fall off! will a Facial help?

All skin types benefit from Rose Otto

The toll of winter has playing havoc with my skin, my face was itchy with dryness, and the only colour in it looked pale and slightly grey when I looked in the mirror, so I took myself out for a facial.

Not just to get my skin back on track, but I also was feeling in need of someone with Magic hands, spending a little bit of time nurturing me. It was time to practice what I preach.

2017-04-16-13.52.41-2-1024x758 Your face is so dry it might fall off! will a Facial help?
Winter Time Facial- to refresh, plump, brighten and moisturize skin

We do these services ourselves, and use the Amazing [Comfort Zone] products from Italy. I love these products, they are plant based, and a team of Physicians is responsible for the formulations. So when choosing a facial I wanted it to be with the products that I love, and although I think Your Health Span does the best facial ever, I decided I needed the benefits of both an outside practitioner, who I didn’t feel I needed to chat too, but also I wanted to have the down time that is sometimes more effective by going to a spa. In this case House of Toli

Don’t get me wrong, Your Health Span is for sure the Best Mobile Spa in Calgary, and our therapists and aestheticians are amazing, but there are for sure times that being outside of work and home is better for recharging my batteries.

Your-Health-Span-b Your face is so dry it might fall off! will a Facial help?
In-Home Facials Calgary to treat any type of skin compaint.

My Facial

Manny was the name of the excellent aesthetician that did my [Comfort Zone] sublime facial, and she talked me into getting Microdermabrasion, which we don’t do at Health Span, as of right now, (watch this space). And it was terrific!

The space was beautiful and the entire team from receptionist to the person that took my payment, were friendly and professional, but the most important thing is 4 days later my skin still feels fantastic, no more itchiness due to dry winter air stealing all the moisture from my skin.

CZ_logo_tagline_black-1024x248 Your face is so dry it might fall off! will a Facial help?

I walked away after my treatment feeling just as I wanted, totally taken care of and with renewed colour in my skin. It was an excellent reminder to me, that I need to take care of myself so that I can continue to take care of the people that rely on me.

Health Span – Calgary Massage Therapy Company driven by Values

Health Span – Massage Therapy Company driven by Values

We have 4 core values that define us, as a company, as wellness service providers and as individuals.

First we are grateful for lives that feel balanced and filled with abundance.

 Health Span - Calgary Massage Therapy Company driven by Values
We are grateful to have a Massage Therapy company that provides balance and good wages, but also to be able to provide services that help our clients also achieve balance.

Feeling abundant and balanced is important to us as a company, we know we provide the best service to our clients when we are at peace, and able to focus on helping our clients transcend their own worries, aches and pains.

Of course we have good days, glorious days and days that are just not so great, but on balance we are proud to be a company operating in Calgary, which is a city of amazing possibilities, beauty, activity, and mostly people.

The people that we work with, our follow professional Massage Therapists, estheticians, Dr. of Acupuncture and others, are all people that make our lives richer, they build us up, and make us strong.

And for some reason people that choose to receive Massage Therapy tend to be the best people in the world. They are good at caring about the people around them as well as themselves, This is a great way to make a living, doing something you love, with co-workers and clients that are amazing.

Our gratitude for this is very deeply felt. We are especially blessed to work with so many of Calgary’s great Seniors.

Young-people-embracing-in-circle-standing-together-group-unity-concept-922482666_5616x3744-1024x683 Health Span - Calgary Massage Therapy Company driven by Values

Second, our team works together creating a community of support, growth and wellness.

We have a pretty big group of therapists, as well as a variety of mentors, support staff, teachers, vendors and most importantly clients who make up our Health Span Community.

As with every organization that exists this community can be amazing or as is sadly true of some work environments, can be something that must be tolerated, or even worse makes you feel awful.

It is important to us, to have clear communication, to all being growing into slightly better versions of who we are right now, and to be able to give our clients a glimpse of this through providing amazing service that goes a little beyond expectations. We know that whenever a member of our team works and communicates with the spirit of support and wellness they will make decisions that make our whole community proud.

Beautiful-hippie-woman-dancing-in-a-meadow-880366686_6720x4480-1024x683 Health Span - Calgary Massage Therapy Company driven by Values
Being cheerful and dependable gives our clients a feeling of being truly taken care of.

Third, we provide our services with cheerfulness, dependability and focus on our clients so they get the benefits of our skills and feel completely nurtured and restored.

As a company that primarily provides massage therapy, and works to support not just individual clients, but the staff in Seniors homes looking to make their residents lives easier and better, hotel staff looking to make a guests stay extra memorable, we know that being dependable is essential, and we also know cheerful service can be a gift in and of itself.

businesswoman-drawing-success-on-the-wall-526569477_3349x2232 Health Span - Calgary Massage Therapy Company driven by Values
Core Values determine the foundation and direction of your massage practice.

Fourth, we work prepared organized and with systems designed to support our therapists and our clients.

This is truthfully the largest work in progress of all time, as Massage therapists we are attracted to the profession partly because it is less structured then say a desk job, but we also know that when great systems are in place, that things work better, clients get what they need in a timely manner, and our team is supported in the way they deserve.

Even though we are adding and improving systems constantly we know that it is work that ultimately supports everything we strive for.

Massage therapy is service at the foundation of our company, but our values bring our company to life.

Massage Therapist Profile! Feeling Stressed today? Book Yasmin.

IMG_1202-e1549635189843-225x300 Massage Therapist Profile!  Feeling Stressed today? Book Yasmin.
Yasmin is an incredibly nurturing Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist – Yasmin Rueda

Yasmin finished studying Massage therapy 4 years ago, in 2015, but started with Health Span while she was still in school, so we are lucky enough to have worked with her for 5 years.

She has always brought a gentler touch to her practice, making her an excellent therapist for clients that need to feel restored, nurtured and taken care of.

Coming from Columbia 7 years ago so that she could be with her husband we are super excited to celebrate with her next week as she officially becomes a Canadian Citizen. It is a reminder to me as a person and as a business owner how very blessed we are to live in a country that not just welcomes immigrants but gives every opportunity to new arrivals to find a life that gives them joy, abundance, balance and prosperity.

Mashsage Therapy in Calgary is a competitive business and it helps to work with people that you love and who understand and celebrate your strengths.

Yasmin wanted to be a Massage therapist because improving the health and wellbeing of her clients is important to her, and she understands that massage not only can soothe sore muscles but can relieve the stress that sometimes can be overwhelming in life.

She also specializes in Lymphatic Drainage massage, which is an amazing treatment after surgery, or during treatments for Cancer that can cause swelling and loss of energy.

She loves working with female clients that have a need for balance and restoration, and loves working with Health Span because it allows her to express her talents, her professionalism and her skills the way she feels is best, and we are super flexible with schedules, and as a mom and someone very involved in her church a flexible schedule is really important.

If she couldn’t be a Massage therapist she would express her skills of making people feel great through hair and fashion design.

Please join us in celebrating her new citizenship!

Lymphatic Massage-Will it make your feel less awful?

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy?

There are many types of massage and many reasons why clients search out a massage therapist.

When you have lymphedema (swelling of your arms and legs)- usually due to cancer treatment, recent surgery or an illness Lymphatic Massage can help, it is effective at reducing swelling, which makes movement less restricted and decreasing pain and discomfort. It is a specialized massage technique, very different then more vigorous forms of massage, and requires a therapist who is methodical, and at the same time has a soothing and empathetic touch.

lyphatic-massage-calf-1024x683 Lymphatic Massage-Will it make your feel less awful?
Lymphatic Massage is used to stimulate the immune system, by aiding the body in the removal of excess fluids.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a technique in use since the 1930’s that is used to reduce swelling and fluid retention, by using gentle repetitive strokes.

This enhances our bodies ability to filter to toxins and waste that are present in the lymphatic fluid and remove them from our bodies.

By removing excess fluid our overall health is improved, as well as being a very effective method of achieving pain relief with massage, as often swelling in legs and feet particularly can be both painful and can cause lack of mobility which contributes to continued decrease in health.

Why Choose to have Lymphatic Massage?

There are 3 main reasons to book Lymphatic massage.

  1. Improves Health by improving the bodies overall immune function
  2. Increases Energy
  3. Improves Mood.

Your lymphatic system is in charge of your bodies filtration, the fluid in this system which does not have a pump like your heart to move it around, contains white blood cells, proteins, and fats and the lymph nodes are the engines of your immune system When this system is impaired for any reason you will feel sluggish, are more prone to illness, and will recover more slowly, and movement can be painful, or even impossible.

And if you are a Senior and don’t get around as much as you used to this type of treatment can not just boost your immune system it can help with your mobility.

How Often?

If you are getting slight swelling or discomfort you might find relief from one to two treatments of Lymphatic drainage massage, however, if you have a serious illness or are recovering from one, we do recommend that you get 10 treatments in the course of 12-18 days, so that each session can build on the results of the previous session.

For more information or to talk to a therapist. We offer online booking or you can email

lymphatic-masage-thigh-1024x627 Lymphatic Massage-Will it make your feel less awful?
The massage therapist using gentle repetitive strokes to remove excess fluid from the thigh.