Root Chakra- balancing and wellness.

Balancing the Root Chakra using red stones

Why Balance the Root Chakra?

If you want to achieve health and healing in any of your bodies energy centre’s first the Root chakra must be balanced, all other energies flow through here.

When you are out of balance in this area you may notice the following

  • Feeling disconnected, foggy or out of place
  • depression
  • anger
  • fear
  • low energy
  • insecure
  • bladder issues
  • skin and hair problems
  • colon; problems with elimination
  • large intestine issues
  • bones and teeth brittle
  • feet and legs are numb
  • and poor immune function.
vetiver Root Chakra- balancing and wellness.

Chakra Balancing Massage

Chakra balancing massage is a systematic approach to balancing the entire energy system, so that your organs and body system’s function optimally, and so that your emotional energy is aligned in a way that supports you through the many events both internal and external that bombard you on a daily and weekly basis.

Many times things that happened in our past even as far back as our childhood have created blocks in our systems. These events don’t have to be big or dramatic, and even a small block can cause a big ripple.

When we book a client for a Chakra Balancing treatment we set aside 90 min, and we do Lymphatic Drainage Massage to start, so that as energy is cleared away the body can efficiently whisk it away.

Then using a mixture of crystals, and essential oils which are aligned with each Chakra we put things back into balance. You can expect to be deeply relaxed, and to feel some shifts in the days after as you body adjusts to a healthier normal.

Seniors massage therapy , a client tribute!

massage for veterans

When I started doing In Home Massage therapy, one of the other moms on my sons hockey team started getting me to see her dad, once a week, for seniors Massage therapy, which can differ greatly from a regular massage, or be quite similar to what you get when you go to your chiropractors office or favourite spa. All depending on the health and mobility of the client.

(Sometimes we work on our massage tables, but just as often we do massage in wheelchair, on on a hospital bed. )

For this first client I went into the seniors home where he lived, largely confined to his bed, suffering with Parkinsons disease and the depression that often accompanies that diagnosis. In this first case the first thing the clients family noticed was a change in mood. Less anger, more “good” days, and although there was not a lot of change in mobility there was a decrease in both pain and discomfort as a result of the techniques used in this type of Senior Massage Therapy.

Health-visitor-and-a-senior-woman-during-home-visit.-879005294_3712x5568-683x1024 Seniors massage therapy , a client tribute!
Seniors Massage therapy can be an important part of overall wellness, as well as being a good visit, promoting good circulation and more.

This weekly trip began what has been a cornerstone of my business for the last 20 years, and in particular we have always found massage for veterans one of the most rewarding parts of our practice.

For many of those years I or one of my team made a monthly “senior massage therapy” visit to Bob Peterson, who’s life was inspiring, his history and contributions as a young man and how he embraced the changes that aging brought. Age and all the crappy side effects of aging never seemed to affect his mood, which was always chipper. His sense of duty, or his love of his family and his country. His grace and innate kindness all will be very much missed by myself and my team.

His son put together the following video as a tribute to him and his contribution as a veteran. It is so well done, and such a moving tribute I wanted to share it for my team and for anyone interested.

It is easy to gloss over the contributions of our Veterans, especially in wars that happened before we were born, but still a moment of gratitude is due to this amazing person, his service and his family.

Seniors Massage Therapy

If you or someone you know would like to talk to us about in home ” seniors massage therapy “, we offer free consultations. And we are happy to work with veterans affairs to determine if your veterans benefits will cover Massage therapy and how much they will cover.

Chakra Balancing Massage-What I learned from Dr. Ravi Ratan

Dr Ravi teaches aromatherapy and Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing Massage is a service we have offered for about a year, based on a workshop I took with a person I will not name. I was and am impressed by how simple and effective it can be.

While I enjoyed that first workshop and could feel the benefits of Chakra balancing when I have had it done, nothing prepared me for the shift of my understanding, and the depth of the knowledge that Dr. Ravi passed on in just two days.

In the 25 years I have been in this industry, and the years since I opened Your Health Span ( In Home massage Calgary ) in 2007, Dr Ravi is one of the best teachers I have come across.

ravi-and-krista-1024x498 Chakra Balancing Massage-What I learned from Dr. Ravi Ratan
Dr Ravi Ratan with Krista Woodley his Canadian partner teaching the powerful benefits of Chakra Balancing Massage.

Chakra Balancing Massage

Using simple and clear language Dr Ratan deepened my understanding of the chakra’s, confirmed things I knew and sort of understood, and gave me a broader understanding of how using the techniques he taught us, we could have deeper and more impactful healing sessions with our clients.

Uses both crystals, and aromatherapy to balance the energies in the chakra’s, allows our organs, energy and emotional balance to reach optimum levels.

We have 7 main Chakra’s that each correspond with energy frequencies ( just like light does- causing colours) and specific places in our bodies, and control our emotions, our energies and our organs. A Chakra that is not working well has a noticeable effect on the entire physical, physiological and psychological well being of each of us.

Over the next 7 weeks I will go into depth on what I have learned about each chakra, and if you are ready to try a Chakra healing yourself, I would suggest giving us a call. Our therapist Sahira is a powerful therapist in this medium and I can’t stress enough the benefits you will feel.