Crown Chakra- Where it all comes together.

Are you experiencing? Confusion Difficulty Understanding Insensitivity Apathety and Lack of empathy Greediness Addiction Overthinking everything or Overly attached to people or outcomes of events. These are signs that your crown chakra could use a little tweaking, or even a lot. And even the most spiritual aware person has times where things are out of […]

Lacking inspiration, feeling anxious? Unblock your third eye chakra.

When you lack inspiration, have trouble concentrating, feel anxious and depressed, it could be that your third eye chakra is not balanced. This can also have physical symptoms such as migraines, trouble with vision, paranoia, and even sciatica. Of course your 3rd eye is also the centre of your intuition, and if you feel less […]

Are you Heard when You talk? Is your Throat Chakra to blame?

Chakra Balancing

When you have a block in your throat chakra you may notice that you are having trouble expressing your thoughts and feelings, you say things and no one listens, or you don’t say anything at all because you are afraid of the results. In general you will have trouble expressing emotions, and may have a […]

Is an unbalanced Heart Chakra ruining your life? Fix it now!

Chakra Balancing

How can you tell if your heart chakra is unbalanced? As with all imbalances in your energy field there are both physical and mental signs that things are not right. And as this energy field sits right over your heart, behind your sternum the physical signs have to do with the organs of the heart […]

Are you an emotional mess? Balance your Sacral Chakra now, learn how.

crown chakra- Balanced for bliss

Your Sacral Chakra does more then just control the chaos of your emotions and material achievements, it is connected to your sense of taste, and all the fluids of your body, from lymph to saliva and urine. It is also very deeply connected to sexual function and malfunction, procreation and childbirth. You might know there […]