Massage and recovery- a personal story.

I was barely there for my first appointment, recovering- or not from the suicide of my son, a vicious car accident, and a world that seemed just to much. Every where I turned the world sucked. I could barely get on the massage table, it seemed so high. Anxiety, grief and very physical pain was […]

Cupping- how it works and should you try it?

You remember seeing all the funny round bruises in the 2016 olympics? That is cupping, and athletes swear by it, but why and is it for you? Cupping is a process of attaching cups to the skin and suctioning the skin up into them, sort of like a vacuum. And in fact that is what […]

7 tips for mentally letting go and enjoying your massage.

It is difficult to find time to fit self care into your life. When you get it, make the most of it, here is how. Control sound- our therapist will bring soft music, but we can’t control your kids or your dog. Booking when your kids are out, at school, or in bed is a […]

A rose by any other name… What’s up with rose essential oils.

Rose Otto or Rose Absolute what is the difference and do you care? Whether you are a hippy like me, or really into things that smell pretty you may have some questions about Rose “essential” oils. Essentially you will find three products out there-if you look hard enough. You will find Rose absolute, or Rose […]