It’s hard enough to find time for self care. When you get it, make the most of it, here is how.

  1. Control sound- our therapist will bring soft music, but we can’t control your kids or your dog. So booking when your kids are out, at school, or in bed is a good trick. Where is your pet the quietest, in the kennel, basement or sitting on the floor where he can see you? A little prep can make a big difference.
  2. Be in a dark place- for the first part of the massage you will be face down and thats great, however about 2/3’s of the way through when you turn over you want to stay in a place of Zen. Dark is good.
  3. Are you worried about things? 15 min before we come spend 5-10 min and write it all down, this assures your subconscious mind it is taken care of and it can let those worries go.
  4. Complicated problem? Write it down too- and then ask your subconscious to find an elegant and easy solution. Don’t think about it and just relax, you will be amazed how often this works and a solution appears like magic, maybe not during your massage but within a day or two a solution is so obvious and fully formed that you can’t believe you had a problem to begin with.
  5. Count your blessings- I do this on nights that sleep is elusive, starting with A list everything and everyone you are grateful for.
  6. Try a meditation or guided imagery instead of music- I usually do this and love it.
  7. Don’t talk- just don’t.
Massage Therapy using Marijuana oil is more effective!