Canazen-Marijuana Massage Therapy Calgary

Cannabis and Massage Combined Marijuana Massage Therapy Calgary is being used by clients to even more effective pain relief, to reduce inflammation and stress. And it works, our client Helga says “It …

Massage for stroke recovery

Massage to Treat Symptoms of stroke and make recovery more complete. Updated on May 21, 2018 Jill Burk   more About Jill Jill Burk has been working in the field of Massage therapy …


Massage for Veterans

Massage therapy can be a powerful tool for PTSD, for the aches and pains caused by old injuries, and for adjusting to life after service.

The Power Of Massage

The Power of Massage Therapy. Regardless of what brings you to the table, when you take an hour to release some pain, stress, anxiety or to treat an injury you are making …


New Online Store

We have recently added all our great in-store products for purchase online! Check it out here:

Massage and Show Jumping

Massage Therapy and Show Jumping As we enter our final week at Spruce Meadows for 2016, and we look back over the last month, we feel grateful as always for this opportunity. …

8th ave seated chair massage event.

Mobile Corporate Massage

In-office Chair Massage May 25th 2016 Two of are lovely therapist went and did free 10 minute seated chair massages today. Check back often to find out about events being held and …