Your face is so dry it might fall off! will a Facial help?

All skin types benefit from Rose Otto

The toll of winter has playing havoc with my skin, my face was itchy with dryness, and the only colour in it looked pale and slightly grey when I looked in the mirror, so I took myself out for a facial. Not just to get my skin back on track, but I also was feeling […]

Health Span – Calgary Massage Therapy Company driven by Values

Health Span – Massage Therapy Company driven by Values We have 4 core values that define us, as a company, as wellness service providers and as individuals. First we are grateful for lives that feel balanced and filled with abundance. Feeling abundant and balanced is important to us as a company, we know we provide […]

Massage Therapist Profile! Feeling Stressed today? Book Yasmin.

Massage Therapist – Yasmin Rueda Yasmin finished studying Massage therapy 4 years ago, in 2015, but started with Health Span while she was still in school, so we are lucky enough to have worked with her for 5 years. She has always brought a gentler touch to her practice, making her an excellent therapist for […]

Lymphatic Massage-Will it make your feel less awful?

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy? There are many types of massage and many reasons why clients search out a massage therapist. When you have lymphedema (swelling of your arms and legs)- usually due to cancer treatment, recent surgery or an illness Lymphatic Massage can help, it is effective at reducing swelling, which makes movement […]

Ultimate Massage Practice- Built on your core values

Define your own success

You are ready to launch your company and your ultimate massage practice, everything is magical, so many possibilities, so many clients, so much to do, and infinite directions you can go. How do you choose? you want to build an amazing practice and be a huge success, you want to live by your core values […]

Massage Practice 101. Reflection on what matters.

Massage practice 101 : getting what you really want out of your practice. A New year means new goals, the things we want for next year, for our personal growth, and the growth of our practice. And the things we want to achieve, to do and to get this year. Reflection: There are lots of […]

Massage Practice 101- 10 tips for 2019 : part one

1.  Massage Therapy is like any other business, your numbers tell the story of your success. Unlike working for someone else, you define your success, so take some time to think about what you want to do this year.  Is your practice already where you want it to be?  Then great, you might think about […]

This Week in Wellness – week before Christmas book family Massage Therapy!

Wellness is always relative, and it is important to keep it in perspective, leading into the holidays can be especially tricky. ¬†Especially with young families.¬† Avoiding overload is extremely important to a happy holiday season and finding ways to add healthy activities and nutrition into the week before Christmas might just be one thing too […]

This Week In Wellness! Ready to start?

this week in wellness reducing pain

Earlier this summer I decided the time was right to start taking control of my health.  Like many small business owners, I have been busy taking care of my team, my family and my clients, and have neglected myself. A year and a 1/2 ago, my high blood pressure but me in the hospital, with […]