Canazen-Marijuana Massage Therapy Calgary

Cannabis and Massage Combined

Marijuana Massage Therapy Calgary is being used by clients like you to achieve even more effective pain relief, to reduce inflammation and stress.

And it works, our client Helga says “It was the first good night sleep I have had in months, and my leg not only felt great after the massage, it didn’t cramp in the night and wake me up, and I was walking and moving better for days after”

Canazen-lake-feel-this-good-300x169 Canazen-Marijuana Massage Therapy Calgary
Marijuana Massage Therapy Calgary

How do CBD and THC work for Pain Relief?

Both CBD and THC both talk to the receptors in our central nervous system, our brain is involved in how our bodies both feel and produce pain and inflammation.  This keeps us safe in moments of danger and gives our body the information that it needs to promote healing from injuries.  However, sometimes the message of pain goes into overdrive, and the inflammation meant to protect us, lingers and causes further problems.

Because compounds found in Cannabis can effect pain, (they are 20x more powerful then aspirin  according to this article  and are also effective at reducing inflammation a Massage Therapy session using Canazen oil, which is made by distilling the Flower of the Marijuana plant, might be the best massage you have ever had.


Why would you try a Massage using CBD oil?

Massage using oil infused with Cannibis has multiple benefits, it does have a relaxant effect on the muscles and surrounding tissues, allowing your massage therapist to work deeper, and for you to feel more profound effects.

For Chronic pain, CBD is also believed to interrupt the signals going to your brain, much the same way that oral painkillers do, producing a longer lasting relief, recommended frequency is 1-2 times a week to start.

Anxiety and depression can also be treated with CBD oil, again with a recommended frequency of 1-2 times a week.

Why would you try a Massage using THC oil?

Truthfully, I wonder why you wouldn’t try this, the benefits are so pronounced.

  1. For localized pain management- it works super fast, binding to the receptors in the skin, reducing inflammation and giving relief to pain. It is especially good for Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and muscle injuries.
  2. Heals burns faster.
  3. Heals skin irritation and conditions like psoriasis- the cannabis plant slows/stops the buildup of dry, ded skin cells and can treat red inflamed skin and the itchiness that goes with it.
  4. Anti- bacterial- have a kid in elementary school- this might be just what you need.

Plus the Canazen oil that we use smells fantastic and is great at giving moisture to you skin in our super dry Calgary Climate.

Ask your therapist about it, and see and feel the difference for yourself.

ALS Disease and Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

ALS Disease and Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

A Massage therapist working with clients diagnosed with ALS needs to be aware of the many problems associated with the disease and how massage therapy can have a positive effect for those clients. ALS is a motor dysfunction so movement, muscle tone and function all decline as the disease progresses.  Massage therapy or any other alternative therapy will not slow down or change how the disease progresses, but will have a positive impact on the comfort and mobility of the clients.

Sensations though stay intact, so your clients can feel the body massage and the pain relief that you offer, so while the muscle tone of the client will change, the ability to enjoy touch, and to experience relief from pain, cramps and discomfort will not change.

With the lose of muscle function will come loss of muscle tissue, and speech will also eventually be difficult and then impossible.  By providing home visit massage therapy, clients can continue to get treatments that provide relief from pain, cramping and swelling,  as well giving our clients nurturing touch, with all the mental and emotional benefits that provides.

10 things you need to remember when providing body massage for a client with ALS.

  1. Be committed– most of the time this is a long term relationship.  Lasting from your first session to when the client is no longer able to get massage, for me this has nearly always happened with end of life.  As the disease progresses communication becomes more and more difficult, and having continuity means you know what your client wants and likes.  As talking becomes more difficult, having a massage from a therapist that knows what you want is an incredible gift to a client.  As well as the people that love them. Clients with ALS disease and Massage therapy have relationships that can last from 3-5 years or even longer.
  2. Communicate Clearly– Ask lots of questions, and keep track of the answers.  Watch for non verbal clues.  This may not seem important when your client is moving, talking and mobile, but as your relationship continues this is the foundation of service.  Arrange for hand signals, even when the client can speak clearly, getting used to using these signals early in your relationship gets both the massage therapist and the client in the habit of communicating in this way, making it easier to adjust to the progression of the disease.
  3. Sensation is not affected– Although the use of muscles fades away, the sensation in the tissue is still intact.  This is part of the reason that ALS disease and Massage therapy are such a good fit, as mobility decreases, having treatments that just feel amazing becomes more and more important.

    3fb2db6cccf4a23383383394b28b2b31 ALS Disease and Massage Therapy for Pain Relief
    Pain relief is provided by a Massage therapy, using passive range of motion, the massage therapist is providing service in home for the safety and comfort of her client.
  4. Passive Range of motion– Move the limbs through well supported range of motion, this will help with pain relief, as well as circulation
  5. Pain relief – Both immobility and spasticity can cause deep muscle pain, and that can be relieved by massage therapy.  Work firmly, and slowly and get feedback from your client as to what felt great, not just during the treatment but for the days following.
  6. Relieves Swelling– With the lack of muscle movement, comes swelling in the legs and feet as lymphatic fluid pools in the legs, this cannot be treated with a water pill, but can very effectively be treated with massage.  Work gently towards the heart, much like moving toothpaste through the tube, and massage therapy can relieve this swelling.  If the client has a family member that would like to provide therapeutic touch between visits, this is a great technique to show them, as it is a gentle touch and provides amazing pain relief.

    43575cb6a87f899b730be5f78c3e2751 ALS Disease and Massage Therapy for Pain Relief
    By providing gentle nurturing touch, a massage therapist can also provide some relief from the anxiety that goes with ALS
  7. Decreases AnxietyALS Disease and Massage Therapy are a beneficial match when it comes to anxiety.  Massage therapy releases hormones such as endorphins, serotonin, and others that produce feelings of well being, while also suppressing cortisol which is a stress hormone.  This can result in a decrease in the overall feelings of anxiety as well as help with sleep and recovery.
  8. Relieves Cramping– As ALS progresses many patients report sudden painful and involuntary contractions of the muscles.  As a Massage Therapist when you stretch out those muscles in a supported, slow and steady way, you can relieve those cramps both during treatment, but also decreasing the frequency of those cramps after treatment.  Providing pain relief that can last several days.
  9. Improves Mobility– Many clients report much improved mobility after massage therapy sessions.  Especially in hands and feet, allowing them more freedom of movement and greater control.  This can last several days and has huge physical and emotional benefits.
  10. Improves Circulation–  Without normal muscle function circulation is obviously effected, this makes clients vulnerable to colds, and other illnesses and makes recovery take much longer.  By providing massage therapy you greatly increase immune function as well as the bodies ability to recuperate.

Your Health Span provides Home Visit Massage and wellness services to clients, customizing our sessions to the needs of a client and making excellent customer service our highest priority.  Massage Therapy Calgary services are all provided by a registered massage therapist.

We always provide the best service to our clients with ALS disease looking for pain relief through Massage therapy.

Maternity massage, is it safe to have massage in first trimester?

Maternity Massage

5c4b7a3e212e439df9b9218e001e0137 Maternity massage, is it safe to have massage in first trimester?
Maternity Massage, Best pregnancy massage Calgary, right in your home. Try an in-home couples massage as a great date that restores energy and balance during pregnancy.

Prenatal Massage has been around since the beginning of time, and in many cultures, a pregnant woman would get a regular touch to soothe sore tired muscles and relieve swelling and stress from her mother, mother in law, and other women in the household.

Lately, there has been a lot of discussions around when these type of touch therapies should start, and in particular around massage first trimester, and whether it is safe and helpful.  With some schools going so far as to teach that it needs to be avoided.

Massage first trimester

Massage during pregnancy is very effective for keeping anxiety, swelling, soreness and muscle aches and pains under control without the use of medications that can be absorbed by your baby, but is it always safe?

According to the American Pregnancy Association maternity massage is safe in every phase of pregnancy, however, if you experience one of the following, you will need to consult your Dr. before you have any type of alternative wellness treatment.

  1. Hypertension
  2. Previous preterm labour
  3. preeclampsia
  4. severe swelling
  5. sudden bad headaches

However, the benefits of prenatal massage include relief from minor swelling, sciatica, back pain, depression and more so it is well worth seriously considering as part of your approach to impending motherhood.

There are even studies that show increased birth outcomes, as well as improved sleep, better mood, hormone balance, and decreased anxiety.


cacbad2f213a87b6dcbda67a2333fab8 Maternity massage, is it safe to have massage in first trimester?
Prenatal Massage Calgary, is an excellent way to improve mood, sleep and decrease the discomfort of pregnancy

Maternity Massage At Home

Your Health Span offers all of our services in the comfort of your home because having a massage at the end of the day in your home can be a very effective way to improve sleep.

Prenatal Massage Calgary and Couples Massage

Are you looking for a great date, but too tired to go out?  Why not schedule an in-home couples massage?  And you can save the money for the nursery as we will direct bill your insurance company for you.




Massage for stroke recovery

Massage to Treat Symptoms of stroke and make recovery more complete.

Updated on May 21, 2018
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Jill Burk 


About Jill – Jill Burk has been working in the field of Massage therapy for over 25 years, owning a mobile therapeutic wellness company since 2007.

Massage can increase independence post stroke.

Strokes are very scary and they can completely change your quality of life, and the lives of the people closest to you. But until you have been affected, and even in the days and weeks just after a stroke, how each stroke will affect the patient and how recovery will go are a mystery. It is important at those moments to not panic, but to plan for the fullest possible recovery. Massage can be an important part of that plan. Massage and other touch therapies help in treating pain, anxiety, and stress but also in the treatment of the muscle contractions that can contribute to the disability.

If you or someone you love has had a stroke and has lost mobility due to pain and contractions in the muscles of the arms or legs, you are not alone. 62,000 Canadians will have a stroke this year, it is the leading cause of disability in adults and although 80% of those patients will survive and 2 out of every three stroke patients will return home – only 16% of patients will get into rehab right away. And although many symptoms get better as time goes on, some get worse, and other symptoms will appear even after release from the hospital.

The impact of spasticity on poststroke recovery may not be obvious at first, and should not be underestimated but it may be overlooked as part of initial recovery plans. It is often very painful which also can affect stress levels, sleep, anxiety and overall quality of life.

Upper limb spasticity causes reduced arm function and lower levels of independence, as well as with an astounding 400% increase in direct care costs during the first-year poststroke, and spasticity can also effect legs as well or even both, drastically decreasing independence. Making tasks like feeding yourself, putting on your socks or even going to the bathroom impossible to do without help.

According to Katharina Stibrant Sunnerhagen from Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden the early recognition of spasticity, and immediate treatment is very important, treatments that begin early after stroke have a higher level of success, and have shown to decrease the likelihood of debilitating and lingering symptoms.

Several studies are showing the positive effects of touch therapies on stroke recovery, and relieving both the pain and the disability caused by spasticity. Making a better quality of life achievable both through the reduced pain and discomfort and also through increased mobility, flexibility, and balance.

The therapist using long slow and deep strokes, will work the muscle with compression, stretching and long slow strokes and about 80% of stroke patients will find their pain decreases by at least one level, and about 67% fewer patients suffered debilitating pain and contractions in the months and years after the stroke versus stroke patients that did not receive touch therapy directly following their stroke.

Getting a massage or other touch therapy by a qualified therapist as soon as the Dr. gives the ok, could be vital in retaining and regaining the ability to do simple tasks of daily living, thereby keeping independence.

In a study of Improvement of sensorimotor functions in old age by passive sensory stimulation.Kalisch T, Tegenthoff M, Dinse HRClin Interv Aging. 2008; massage was shown to increase the fine motor skills of patients further indicating that a greater recovery and quality of life can be achieved by integrating massage into the treatment of post-stroke patients. These fine motor skills can contribute to being able to cook, dress, and do other daily tasks without help from another person. That is certainly an improvement in the quality of life.

Hand with debilitating contractions

9c503432993a73abe0b655287cbf2cfa Massage for stroke recovery
Contracted hand due to Spasticity 

Are you looking for better quality of life after Stroke?

A massage is a valuable tool in treating contractions, pain, anxiety, and stress after a stroke, helping you achieve a higher quality of life. And it feels great too! A real win/win.

Giving you the best possible quality of life.

fee82563227be3b5e428c949b7f8fa75 Massage for stroke recovery

Massage also relieves neck and shoulder pain

Many patients wake up in hospital complaining of high levels of neck and should pain. This pain and discomfort can make it hard to sleep, recover, move around, and can be a factor in increased levels of stress and even panic.

It is easy to think that this is the least of your problems, but with massage therapy can be a relatively easy symptom to make a little or a lot better, a study was done in Hong Kong Polytechnic University Department of Nursing and Wong Chuk Hang Hospital, in Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Authors: Esther Mok and Chin Pang Woo, with 672 patients indicated that long slow gentle back strokes decreased back pain in nearly every patient. And in some cases was a substitute for pharmaceutical intervention

By decreasing and eliminating neck and back pain clients can be more mobile leading to less loss of muscle mass during the period of recovery, leading to more independence when they return home.


d465f2e5fa46ce98931385f61d52c7c2 Massage for stroke recovery

7 Tips on getting a massage after a stroke

  1. Check with your Dr. it shouldn’t be a problem but check anyway
  2. Ask if your therapist is licensed, you want someone that knows what they are doing
  3. Let the therapist know on the phone about the stroke and any lingering symptoms.
  4. Don’t feel like you will have to climb onto a massage table if that makes you uneasy, most therapists can and will adapt to an easy chair or a hospital bed
  5. Get into a program as quickly as possible, getting problems under control and keeping them that way.
  6. Go on a regular schedule, depending on levels of symptoms you might want to schedule 2 sessions a week for 1/2 an hour, or one session every couple of weeks might be just fine for you. Talk to your therapist and ask for recommendations.
  7. Find a therapist that makes you feel good. Massage also has positive effects on hormones that control sleep and mood, in order to get the full benefits of the treatment, feeling good is important.

Massage relieves Anxiety and stress.

Stress and anxiety can make it difficult for the body to heal and reset after suffering from a Stroke, and can also make it harder to make any decisions that need to be made as a result of a change in independence, as well as making it much more difficult for friends and family.

9 different studies on Stroke patients and show an immediate drop both the diastolic and systolic blood pressure levels; as well as decreasing salivary and urinary cortisol stress-hormone levels. Cortisol is produced by our bodies in times of stress and can affect mood, sleep, hostility and the bodies ability to recover.

By decreasing stress levels massage also decreases the risks of another health event, as well as limiting the dependence on pharmaceutical interventions.

Massage for Veterans

senior-massage-for-poster-300x200 Massage for Veterans
massage for Veterans can relieve pain, stress and even ptsd

Massage for Veterans

When I was young and beautiful, I spent a lot of time hanging out at the air force base in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. I am sure you can guess there was a boy (manboy) involved. He was handsome, fit and ready to take on the world. It was a glorious time in my life, I loved hanging out on the base, I loved the bittersweet long distance phone calls when he was deployed across the world in places that seemed so glamorous to me, I loved his friends and how different they were from my friends.

They all seemed so confident, strong, and handsome of course.

In the years since we have drifted into separate worlds, as you do, and mostly lost touch. But the stories of the men and women in service to the Canadian people, how hard they train physically to get ready to serve, their training while deployed, their daily work environment, what they see and do on a daily basis, and especially in whatever manner they serve leave injuries in the widest range possible. Physical injuries and mental injuries are all too common, and too often they are complicated and hard to understand.

In my career as a massage therapist and a business owner I am drawn to vets of all ages and it seems they are also drawn to me and my company as we have been blessed to have an opportunity to use our gifts and skills to make life better for the people that were willing to give way more than that to make our lives better.
Soft skills like massage and acupuncture are often overlooked as a tool to help Veterans recover both physically and mentally from the stress of their military career but they can be an incredibly valuable tool both adjustment to life after the military and recovery from injury.

I have worked with clients with severe PTSD that have found massage to have a soothing affect on their nerves and whose families later told me that the start of massage treatments corresponded with the first small steps of a turnaround in the way their loved one coped with life and their families. And clients who years after injury found massage soothed muscle pain that they thought they would live with the rest of their lives.

And clients with more severe physical injuries where we have been part of a team of experts that help healing process.

For clients who also happen to be vets, therapeutic massage and other touch therapies can help in lots of ways.

Massage is proven to reduce depression, anxiety and pain, and there are many contributing factors, one of them being the reduction of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. It is all well and good to relax, but massage has real physiological effects. And this reduction in cortisol levels actually lasts for hours and sometimes days after the massage is done. Massage is shown to decrease Cortisol levels by 31%

Massage also works to decrease the levels of other stimulating hormones including norepinephrine and epinephrine. If you have too much norepinephrine or epinephrine it can lead to feelings of anxiety, panic and trouble sleeping. Massage therapy using long slow, gentle strokes reduces these hormones in the human body, giving it much better hormonal balance, and leading to a feeling of calm and control.

Massage therapy also releases feel good hormones. Like serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine.
Like falling in love or having a great workout, hormones are released that make you feel good, this may not cure all your ills but it is a great place to start.
Dopamine is a hormone that helps oversee thoughts, increasing clarity and decisiveness as well as influencing fine motor skills like painting and mechanical work, but it also contributes to motivation and the sensation of pleasure. Dopamine can also help to lower blood pressure. Massage increases dopamine in the blood by an average of 28%
Seratonin is linked to depression when levels are low, as well as antisocial behavior, suppressed appetite and digestion problems. Massage increases the level of Serotonin in the blood by an average of 33%

Massage promotes a healthy immune system. Another side effect of decreasing cortisol levels is an increase in the activity of our white blood cells or lymphocytes, which help fight viruses, as well as fighting abnormal cell growth and function, rapidly attacking and killing viral infected cells one of the effects of regular massage therapy is less colds and flu and faster recovery from other forms of illness.

Increased Endorphin production- Which in addition to helping to regulate pain also produces feeling s of euphoria and helps manage appetite.

Improved sleep quality- almost too many studies to count show a direct improvement in sleep this is likely a combination of all the hormonal changes that massage produces in the body. But for people with prolonged sleep problems regular slow deep massage can have a very curative effect.

If you are a massage or other touch therapist interested in working with Veterans there are some things that will you should know. Not every Veteran you work with will have any sort of trauma of course, but if you are going to make it part of your ongoing practice here are some things that will help you better serve your clients.
Massage and trauma
Lots has been written about this in the last several years, as massage therapists have volunteered countless hours after all sorts of disasters, both manmade and natural, and both therapists and clients have documented the results. Pulling together the best of that information with my own experience here are 5 ways to give a better treatment to someone with Trauma even with no extra training
Show up 5 min early,
Not only is this good practice professionally, but for clients used to a regimented life, sticking very closely to their schedule is important to who they are as a person. If you are late, they may see that as a sign that they are not a priority to you, and it might also mean they have to cancel with you due to their own commitment which is stressful for the client that is looking forward to a massage.

I once got stung by a bee on the way to an appointment with an Retired army colonel, and I had to pull over to the side of the road for a couple minutes, making me 5 min late. He was less than impressed by my tardiness, and I have to say not at all sympathetic to my paltry bite.

My being late also made him late for happy hour, an important part of his social connections and he was not at all happy, in the end we got along great, but I was always 15 min early for every appointment after that.

Listen intently while they tell you about their concerns.
I once had a client that had lost his sight in when a landmine exploded and although I asked him about his medical conditions, and reviewed everything with him, when he mentioned he was sensitive about anyone touching his face, I didn’t clarify that, nor did I hear the applied caution. At the end of the massage when I was working on his head, I briefly covered his ears, which caused a very sudden and nearly violent panic attack.
His loss of sight had been very sudden, and covering his ears diminished his hearing which was very stressful for him.
We worked through it and I saw him for years, but that first visit would have been so much better for him if I had listened intently to his story and checked in as I got closer to his face.
Be quiet
For any person searching for peace, finding space between sound, and words in a safe and supported way is an incredible relief. Even if the client is chatty, leave longer and longer space between words and allow them to drive the dialogue. Even asking a client to relax and not talk can be very restorative.
A chatty therapist is not restorative. Also, no matter how smart and empathetic you are, that is not your job. You are there to support the client to a more peaceful place. That is found through silence. When suffering through or recovering from trauma, finding moments where you are safe and supported and can decompress can give your spirit a chance to revive and heal.
Don’t ruin that for your client by talking about your day, of course if the client needs to talk to be at ease, listen, but you are likely not trained to consul, you are trained to work out muscle stress, relieve tension and relax your clients. Use your skills.
Be aware
When working with any client “listening” to the body is important, sudden tensing of muscles, twitching, failure to relax, chattiness can all be signs of anxiety. This is when it is good to check in with your client. Some things that might be triggers to be aware of is contact close to an old injury, wrapping a client too tightly when draping, sometimes being face down in the face cradle feels unsafe. Without making a big deal about these non verbal clues ask your client if they would be more comfortable in a different position.
You likely don’t understand
This is a common communication error everyone makes when talking to someone going through a tough time; or recovering from one. You don’t know, and even if you do by talking over a client or trying to show your understanding, without fail you are diminishing their experience, not sharing in it, not making it better, you are making your clients experience less valid.

When we hear stories, especially powerful ones, they invoke emotions and memories in us, and part of the human experience is to want to share those emotions with the people we are talking to.

I can’t say too strongly to resist this urge, let your clients talk, emote, and tell their stories, it is super rare to come across a good listener, and if you can be that person for your clients you will do more to help them release these emotions and memories than by inserting yourself in their stories.

This does take practice and discipline, and to be honest is not nearly as interesting for me as participating in the story, but through years of experience and tonnes of my own moments of stress I know it is way better for our clients for us to listen to them with empathy and attention, then it is to diminish them and their stories by comparing it to something that happened to our second cousin, our best friends’ husband or even ourselves. Every story is different, no matter how much the same, because we all look at the world through a different lense. Take this as a chance to learn about someone else’s experience of the world, and maybe to count your blessings.

I believe very strongly that both massage and acupuncture are super effective tools for anyone with injury and or trauma, it is always amazing to have a treatment such as Massage therapy that also feels so good, and with absolutely no side effects, no drug interactions and no damage to other bodily functions as part of a treatment.
Even acupuncture can be deeply relaxing and an important part of a treatment plan, helping with all sorts of organ function, stimulating healing in a deep and permanent way.
The Canadian government and veterans affairs has provided some benefits for veterans in regards to massage therapy and other paramedical expenses, so if you or someone you know might benefit from massage therapy or acupuncture you can call us and we will check and see if they qualify at no cost or obligation to you.
Or you can call veterans affairs yourself and check.
If you do decide to look further into Acupuncture or Massage you will also need a Doctor’s note for your benefits to cover the appointment, but from there it should be super easy. We have a great relationship with Medavie Blue cross and so we can bill them directly for your treatments so you don’t even have to pay us out of your pocket.

The Power Of Massage

The Power of Massage Therapy.

Regardless of what brings you to the table, when you take an hour to release some pain, stress, anxiety or to treat an injury you are making your health and happiness a priority, and there is a powerful trickle down effect.

Massage therapy has well-documented effects on stress, decreasing cortisol and increasing serotonin production. When you are happier, that is a positive force on the people around you, whether it is co-workers or your family. On days that your stress is lower you will make better decisions, spend more time enjoying the little things, and smile more. All of which send positive ripples out to the universe around you.

But there is more than that, by taking time out of your day, especially out of your working day, when you mind is engaged is solving the problems of your job, whether you manage people, create things, calculate things or input information into a computer, by disengaging your active mind, you allow your super powerful subconscious access to those problems.

I have been practicing massage for nearly 25 years, in all sorts of settings, and over and over again, I have been told that during a massage an answer to a problem appeared fully formed in a client’s mind.

That is the power of walking away from things for an hour, finding peace and letting the universe into your consciousness to help you solve a problem.

So next time work seems overwhelming, and there doesn’t seem like there is enough time to get everything done, I challenge you to disengage and try the miracle of massage.

Massage and Show Jumping

Massage Therapy and Show Jumping

As we enter our final week at Spruce Meadows for 2016, and we look back over the last month, we feel grateful as always for this opportunity.

On top of being a majestic place to work, and the chance to work with some of the world’s finest athletes in this sport, it is always humbling to see how hard these athletes work in order to achieve success.

So often the horses don’t just come first, but they push all human needs into the far, far back ground.

But back injuries, in particular plague the human half of this sport, and we know that by keeping these muscles limber, and by taking even a 1/2 hour a couple times a week, riders can better control their horses, both by being in a better mental space, as well as maintaining the strength and flexibility to control their bodies and how the horses respond.

Watching the champions ring is often very reflective of who has been in our treatment rooms over the week proceeding the big competition and it makes working here even more fun.

8th ave seated chair massage event.

Mobile Corporate Massage

In-office Chair Massage

May 25th 2016

Two of are lovely therapist went and did free 10 minute seated chair massages today. Check back often to find out about events being held and to get a chance to feel some talented hands at work. You can also call Jill to book a full hour table massage if a 10 minute massage isn’t enough for you.

image-2-300x222 8th ave seated chair massage event.image-1-300x170 8th ave seated chair massage event.