Canazen Massage- Calgary Marijauna Massage Therapy

Canazen-lake-feel-this-good-1024x576 Canazen Massage- Calgary Marijauna Massage Therapy
Marijuana Massage Therapy Calgary

CBD Massage

CBD – (derived from Cannabis but is non psychoactive) is known to bust stress, combat inflation and aid in recovery from injuries.  Our CBD oil is infused into a beautifully scented massage blend.  This treatment is guaranteed to ease the tightness in your shoulders and back, so you feel completely refreshed.

135/ 1 hour 

Canazen Massage

Massage using beautifully scented oil infused with THC (which is the active component of cannabis)- Perfect for eliminating pain, and for giving you the best night sleep you have ever had.  Will you get high? Not at all, but you will feel deeply relaxed, and pain and 

5 inflammation will be hugely diminished.

145/1 hour