Health Span – Massage Therapy Company driven by Values

We have 4 core values that define us, as a company, as wellness service providers and as individuals.

First we are grateful for lives that feel balanced and filled with abundance.

 Health Span - Calgary Massage Therapy Company driven by Values
We are grateful to have a Massage Therapy company that provides balance and good wages, but also to be able to provide services that help our clients also achieve balance.

Feeling abundant and balanced is important to us as a company, we know we provide the best service to our clients when we are at peace, and able to focus on helping our clients transcend their own worries, aches and pains.

Of course we have good days, glorious days and days that are just not so great, but on balance we are proud to be a company operating in Calgary, which is a city of amazing possibilities, beauty, activity, and mostly people.

The people that we work with, our follow professional Massage Therapists, estheticians, Dr. of Acupuncture and others, are all people that make our lives richer, they build us up, and make us strong.

And for some reason people that choose to receive Massage Therapy tend to be the best people in the world. They are good at caring about the people around them as well as themselves, This is a great way to make a living, doing something you love, with co-workers and clients that are amazing.

Our gratitude for this is very deeply felt. We are especially blessed to work with so many of Calgary’s great Seniors.

Young-people-embracing-in-circle-standing-together-group-unity-concept-922482666_5616x3744-1024x683 Health Span - Calgary Massage Therapy Company driven by Values

Second, our team works together creating a community of support, growth and wellness.

We have a pretty big group of therapists, as well as a variety of mentors, support staff, teachers, vendors and most importantly clients who make up our Health Span Community.

As with every organization that exists this community can be amazing or as is sadly true of some work environments, can be something that must be tolerated, or even worse makes you feel awful.

It is important to us, to have clear communication, to all being growing into slightly better versions of who we are right now, and to be able to give our clients a glimpse of this through providing amazing service that goes a little beyond expectations. We know that whenever a member of our team works and communicates with the spirit of support and wellness they will make decisions that make our whole community proud.

Beautiful-hippie-woman-dancing-in-a-meadow-880366686_6720x4480-1024x683 Health Span - Calgary Massage Therapy Company driven by Values
Being cheerful and dependable gives our clients a feeling of being truly taken care of.

Third, we provide our services with cheerfulness, dependability and focus on our clients so they get the benefits of our skills and feel completely nurtured and restored.

As a company that primarily provides massage therapy, and works to support not just individual clients, but the staff in Seniors homes looking to make their residents lives easier and better, hotel staff looking to make a guests stay extra memorable, we know that being dependable is essential, and we also know cheerful service can be a gift in and of itself.

businesswoman-drawing-success-on-the-wall-526569477_3349x2232 Health Span - Calgary Massage Therapy Company driven by Values
Core Values determine the foundation and direction of your massage practice.

Fourth, we work prepared organized and with systems designed to support our therapists and our clients.

This is truthfully the largest work in progress of all time, as Massage therapists we are attracted to the profession partly because it is less structured then say a desk job, but we also know that when great systems are in place, that things work better, clients get what they need in a timely manner, and our team is supported in the way they deserve.

Even though we are adding and improving systems constantly we know that it is work that ultimately supports everything we strive for.

Massage therapy is service at the foundation of our company, but our values bring our company to life.