Giving Back

Giving back is our way of both expressing our gratitude, for living in such a great place, having amazing jobs that we love, and having clients that we care about.

We believe that by providing opportunities to women we create a better world.  We use that as a guiding principle in all parts of our business, but nowhere is it more important to us then our Giving Back program.

Kiva already has done the work, finding individuals around the world that need small loans to start a business that will then support their families, put their children in school, and build stronger communities.

We choose to support women in businesses that are similar to ours, in environments that are very different.  As such we choose mostly saloons and beauty shops.  These women get the money that they need to start a business.  Their clients get services that make their lives better and we get to feel good for helping someone else out along the way.

Helping women start a business is a great way to simulate a local economy, and provide food and education for children in a sustainable way.

Let’s work together to make the world a better place, one small donation at a time.

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