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Comfort Zone

[ comfort zone ] was conceived in Parma, Italy, in 1996 as the skincare division of Davines Group, a family-owned company still in the caring hands of the Bollati Family. What began as a research laboratory and manufacturing site for the development of high-quality formulas has grown into an internationally awarded and distributed professional range of spa treatments and home care...

Sentimental Gems

Sentimental Gems, puts together collections or raw natural crystals in collections of stones or in jewelry pieces based around the vibrations they give off. The created collections are to be used for daily use to aid the receiver or wearer in the vibration of the collection. Albert Einstein noted that everything in life is vibration, and just like sound waves, your thoughts match the vibrations of everything that manifests in your life. Therefore, if you think crystals have healing potential, the positive vibes of the stones will amplify those thoughts.Sentimental Gems educates people about the true value in the gift of affirmation for manifestation purposes.