Hotel Massage Therapy

Calgary's best massage, we will release stress and stiffness caused by travel. Hotel massage can be booked right now

Hotel Spa and Massage Services

Hotel Massage Calgary- In-Room massage and spa!

Your Health Span has been providing in-room massage and in-room spa services to hotel guests in Calgary since 2007, bringing our heated massage tables, massage oil blended with essential oils and expert therapists right into guest rooms providing tired travelers with the best massage in Calgary.

Our therapists doing hotel massage are licensed and registered, and will bring everything they need to you have relaxing and healing treatment.

We know that after a long day of travel, or even just sleeping in a strange bed, can leave you feeling out of sorts, sore, stiff or even leave you unable to sleep.

Hotel Massage Therapy

Hotel Massage is very similar to the treatment that you get when you go to your favourite spa or a chiropractic clinic. The therapist will bring everything they need, from sheets and a table to Organically Sourced products blended with essential oils.

While you get on the table the therapist will step into the bathroom to give you privacy, and to wash their hands, and we will provide you with a receipt for insurance purposes, or you can ask about direct billing to your insurance company.

"We have developed an unique massage intended just for travelers."

Tranquility Pro Sleep Massage

This is an innovative massage acting on three different sensory pathways: scent, touch, and sound for profound relaxation, working so deeply that it will reset your body rhythms. If you have trouble sleeping or have jet lag this is the treatment for you. A unique blend of essential oils, the Hypnotic Tranquility™ Sound, Ayurvedic and Indonesian techniques combined with the use of soft brushes, gently guide you to a quiet and peaceful mind  $175.00

Couples massage therapy

Making a weekend away just a little more romantic and relaxing.