Mobile Spa Calgary-everything you expect but right in your living room.

For the days you need some pampering, but leaving the house does not seem like fun.

Sure you want healthy beautiful skin, an amazing massage, and a mud wrap using mud from the famous Pisa Mud baths of Italy.

But leaving your house is just too much today, you need to be taken care of, you don’t need more running around.

Your Health Span is the best mobile spa in Calgary, providing in-room services, to homes and hotels.  We use the best products available in the market, using ethically sourced, organic and natural products for every service that we provide.  

Our therapists bring everything they need including organic skin care products from Italy, massage lotions blended with essential oils.

As a Mobile Spa we can accommodate single bookings or parties up to 20 people.

As part of our commitment to be the best Mobile Spa in Calgary, we use products from [Comfort Zone] in the Pisa region of Italy.  Their commitment matches ours, using only natural products, they create skin care products that are beautiful, effective and good for your skin and the environment.

Find Facial Treatments

saltscrub Mobile Spa Calgary-everything you expect but right in your living room.

Body treatments

Bangi di Pisa

Who doesn’t want to spend part of the day wrapped in mud?

Not just any mud either fancy Italian Mud, from the legendary region of Pisa (where there is also a leaning tower you may have heard of)

World Renowned for its curative properties, this wrap will tighten your skin and leave it glowing, but also leave your body a puddle of relax, and your mind deeply connected to its best self.

135/1 hour

Chakra Balancing

Are you a believer in woo? Just want to know what the fuss is about?  This treatment is amazing! You will emerge relaxed, recharged, and thinking clearer then before.  And we will send you an email with a detailed assessment of your chakras and how that might affect your health, relationships or overall vitality.

135/ 1 hour

Seaweed wrap

Cellulite creeping up on you? Muscles less sore then fatigued?  Or do you feel like you have run a marathon (especially if you have!) there is a seaweed wrap for you.

We have three unique blends- each with its own magical powers.

Anti-Cellulite, Sore muscle and recovery or Detox

145/1 hour

Massage therapy

Whether you are traveling for work, play or with your kids

Have a Massage 

will make your day.

1 hour/ 97, 90 min /139

Couples 1 hour 205

Couples 90 min 300