Services including In-Home Massage, facials and body wraps

In-home Massage, Acupuncture,  and Body Wraps

We specialize in services provided in your home, and our offerings include:
  • Body wraps for healthy vibrant skin
  • Facials for anti-aging, dry or problematic skin,
  • acupuncture and more.

Either call and book an on-location service or come to visit us at our permanent studio location. Our licensed therapists and technicians provide a convenient alternative to going to the spa. Our services include massage, body treatments and so much more.

Our In-Home Therapists,  Mobile Acupuncture, and other wellness therapists.

Our team of therapists all licensed and registered and will bring everything that they need, including an array of aromatherapy oils, to an array of massage and body wraps, facials and other services. We do acupuncture for nearly every health issue, and body treatments for everything including relaxation, pregnancy, sports and stress management.

Massage Calgary

Many of our therapists have specialties that they are especially good at, and the types of massage we offer include, Bamboo, Thai stretch therapy, relaxation, pregnancy and new mom body wraps and treatments, sports and of course relaxation.

Body wraps

We do three body wraps, a bagni di Pisa wrap for cellulite and detox, An aromatherapy Body wrap to tighten skin and Himalyan Hot salt scrub and wrap for brighter tighter skin, as well as many other uses.


Even for our in-home massage, Calgary clients, we offer direct billing to most major insurers, covering 85% of privately insured Canadians.