Direct Billing-Calgary Massage Therapy Services

We will happily bill your insurance company on your behalf for Calgary Massage Therapy and acupuncture treatments.

As part of our commitment of making your life better, we can and will invoice directly your insurance company for your Massage or acupuncture treatment. This saves you both time, and the out of pocket expense of having to pay us and wait for your insurer to pay you back.

If your insurance company and the plan that you have allow us to bill them on your behalf we will, we want to make every part of your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

We can also offer Direct Billing for workers compensation claims and for automobile accidents, these both require a prescription from your Dr. and approval from your claim advisor.  If you have questions about this or anything else please give us a quick call and we will find the answer for you.

Most insurance plans cover all members of your family, your spouse and your children.  But not extended family like your mother in law, and your sister. 

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Children love massage therapy

Direct Billing for Massage and Acupuncture

Please check with your plan provider regarding needing a Doctors note, as you will need that before your massage if your plan requires it.

In some cases, we cannot get a response from the insurance company as to coverage on weekends, if that is the case we will need a credit card number for backup.

Not every plan covers 100% this is not up to us, so contact your insurance company for details of your plan. Due to privacy, your insurer likely cannot discuss details of your plan with us ahead of time, but we can usually see this when we put the charge through, and if there is a difference you can pay that in cash or credit.

If you are staying in a hotel we cannot offer direct billing for you unless we get all the relevant information on the business day proceeding your appointment.

For Corporate Massage appointments, we also take the information ahead so we can process ahead so everything runs smoothly.