Facials Calgary

Facials Calgary to restore and perfect skin.

Calgary can be hell for your skin, it is dry and windy, and the weather is up and down all winter long.  

Sure you can buy a mask, great product and take the time to do it yourself, and that is important too.  But a really thorough facial will not just be great for your skin, but it will restore you soul, your energy and you will not just look vital and captivating , you will feel it too!

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Put your Best Face Forward

Tighten and Brighten Microdermabrasion 

Getting older is great, but when strangers say you look too young for … that’s even better.

Your skin will be rejuvenated using the most effective of all-natural ingredients including vitamin c, rose and white tea; enhanced by diamond microdermabrasion this facial will tighten and brighten your skin.


Raspberry Cane Problem Skin Solver

With products chosen for their intense healing powers, antibacterial and balancing properties, this facial is great for reducing redness, scaring and acne.

Raspberry Cane rose crystal powder, willow bark and lavender, a serum of apple and orange, green clay mask and red rasp seed oil!  



Neroli Moisturizing Facial (45 min)

Dry skin damages more easily, wrinkles are more pronounced, and creep into your skin faster, and you look dull, you are not dull!  

This facial will fix all that.

Derived from ingredients as rare and exotic as you: Calendula and aloe leaf juice blended with Egyptian Neroli and Bulgarian Rosewater and a rare white lily extract.


Sensitive (45 min)

You can’t just put anything on your skin- no matter how natural or organic.

We hear you, and it is no problem.

This facial is guaranteed to make you look and feel radiant!

While soothing sensitive skin