Massage Calgary NE

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Located in Executive Royal Hotel Calgary

2828 23 Street NE, Calgary, Alberta T2E 8T4

P. (403) 815-8484

Please make an appointment, this way we make sure we have a therapist available for you, and you have the best possible experience.

Massage Calgary NE

Massage near me? right in your home. Massage Calgary NE? our studio in the Royal Executive Hotel

Services Available

    We Offer Direct Billing To Most Major Insurers, Covering 85% Of Privately Insured Canadians.  Ask Us To Submit Your Claim For You At Your Next Visit

Are your looking for Massage therapy Calgary NE, we have you covered, come to see us in our studio space inside the Royal Executive Hotel.  Or if you are looking for "Massage near me" we have you covered sending our therapists right to your door for In-Home massage therapy.

Massage Therapy Calgary NE- In our clinic, we offer a range of styles, from Deep Tissue to relaxation, but all our therapists are professionals, and we do not offer any intimate services.  So please be respectful, and look elsewhere if this is what you want.