Seniors Massage Makes Healthy Aging More Attainable!


Healthy Aging-Seniors Massage and Wellness

Aging can suck, it can be achy, painful, lonely, and stressful.  Health fails or changes, people you have loved for a long time move away or pass away leaving holes in your social life, and memory can fail a little or a lot.  

It’s hard for adults as they age, and it is hard for the families that love them, and want to do every thing possible to help.

Helping as much as you would like to is tricky too, not everyone lives in the same place as their parents, and no matter how much you love your folks, you have other things going on too.  Your own kids and grandkids, a job, a place you need and want to vacation in.  Responsibilities and the pleasures of life that you have earned.


Woman-Receiving-neck-Massage-1048243108_3866x2580-1024x683 Seniors Massage Makes Healthy Aging More Attainable!

Your Health Span-because your life span should be healthy all the way through.

Health Span was born from our relationships with older clients, in 2007 when we became a fully formed company it was to better with home care for seniors that was different then other companies. We focus on alternative wellness treatments that can work together with other services to improve the overall health and wellness of our clients.

Although we focus on Seniors Massage, in part because it has been proven to be a benefit to every single aging adult we have ever worked with but also because it is an easy centre piece to other treatments. We are happy to book a complimentary assessment for you and your family to see if this would be helpful for you too.

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