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tranquility Treatments and packages mobile spa

Extraordinary Rituals

Celebrate Yourself!

Ritual of the Roses

Essential Oils pressed from rose petals have a magical effect on your mindfulness.  (a great addition for a romantic weekend)

You are gently misted with Rose Hydrosol and massaged with carved Himalayan salt stones. Your stress melts away while your skin is gently exfoliated and nourished.

Your face is cleansed with rose and oatmeal, polished with rose crystal powder, a rose and white tea mask is applied, and a rosehip seed oil is massaged onto your face, to firm skin and diminish fine lines, scaring or Hyper-pigmentation. 315/2 hours

The Ritual of Balance

Chakra Balancing -Whether you are a firm believer in woo, or just want to try something different, recharge with a Chakra balancing, mini facial, foot and scalp treatments. 

This escape into complete mindfulness will relax you, leave your face glowing, feet looking like a small baby, and your hair soft and gorgeous.  225/2 hours

 Tranquility Ritual

If you really need to relax on a deep and spiritual level.  The massage is so gentle, done with brushes, slowing your spinning mind turning off the noise in your head, and resetting  your sleep rhythms.  The scalp and foot treatment are just icing on the cake. 225/2 hours