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Mobile Massage Therapy is a great way to fit taking care of yourself into your busy life.

Treatments and Packages for ultimate luxury

The Your Health Span Mobile Spa was created so that busy women can fit luxury, and the feeling of being nourished and taken care of into their lives.  We work 9-9 seven days a week.  So after a long day, you can put your kids to bed and someone can take care of you.

Good Vibes  [comfort zone] | 120 minutes | $250

Bangi Di Pisa Thermal Mud Body Wrap 

Bangi di Pisa is a detoxifying and skin tightening intensive body wrap treatment with thermal mud from Pisa in Italy, blended with green tea and essential oils for detoxifying your body and breaking down and removing cellulite.

Sublime Active Lift Facial

This facial will resurface, plump and lift your face, neck and décolleté, leaving your skin healthy, and young.  The treatment is completed with a nourishing body cream to leave your whole body nourished and glowing.

mobile spa set up for a prenatal massage

Our mobile spa offers the same wide variety of treatments as you would expect but in the comfort of your home.



Sparkle [comfort zone] | 2.5 hours | $270 per person includes

Aromatherapy Body Wrap (Skin tightening and firming) 

 Ignites a sensation of well-being, release of tight muscles, improved circulation, profound hydration, toning and improved circulation, leaving your feeling tranquil and your mind free and relaxed.

Customized Facial 

 Focus on anti-aging, customized to skin type using luxurious products straight from Italy, naturally derived from plants and balanced by experts to achieve the best results for your skin, you have ever had.


Reboot | 2.75 hours | $320

Hot Stone massage with Chakra balancing  This treatment has amazing relaxation effects with hot stones used throughout the massage to work deeply into tight sore muscles and melt away the tension.  Crystals are then used on the Chakra points to help restore mental and spiritual balance.

Customized Facial  Using Luxurious Products from Italy, the face is cleansed and toned and a mask that is tailored to your skin type and the results that we are achieving will be applied.  All the ingredients are naturally derived and balanced so the effect on your skin is profound, leaving your with glowing, vibrant and noticeably healthier skin.

Scalp and Hair treatment  A deeply nourishing and relaxing treatment,  deeply nourish hair and scalp with our warm blend of restorative oils, and essential oils.

Foot Ritual  Feet are given a brief scrub, and wrapped in enzyme peel, before being rewrapped, in deeply hydrating lotion made of neem cream for the remainder of your treatment. A smooth silky skin nourished and hydrated feet. Completely renewed appearance.


Couples Massage Calgary

Couples Massage Experience | 90 minutes | $235

Not just a fun and relaxing way to spend 90 min, but an investment in your relationship.   Your partner lays on the table while one of our experienced registered massage therapists guides you through learning a routine that will take their stress away and make their muscles melt, today and every day.  Then you will trade places.



Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Choose your style of therapy from deep tissue to relaxation; our therapists bring everything they need including heated massage tables and a choice of three natural aromatherapy oils.

60 minutes | $92

90 minutes | $135

2 hours | $180

Couples side by side massage – 60 minutes | $194 -OR- 90 minutes | $280


Specialty Massage Treatments


Tranquility Pro Sleep massage  Innovative massage acting on three different sensory pathways: scent, touch and sound for profound relaxation, working so deeply that it will reset your sleep rhythms.  If you have trouble sleeping or have jet lag this is the treatment for you.  A unique blend of essential oils, the Hypnotic Tranquility™ Sound, Ayurvedic and Indonesian techniques combined with the use of soft brushes, gently guide you to a quiet and peaceful mind. $135

Brand New Mom’s Treatment [new addition] post pregnancy

This amazing treatment restores peace and energy to brand new moms, with a unique blend of oils, including bermundi oil which has healing and tightening properties, are selected and blended for their tightening qualities as well as their diminishing effect on stretch marks.  This treatment restores firmness to slackened skin especially the delicate bust skin, leaving skin nourished and elasticized with improved texture, and tone. 75 minutes | $135

New life* (Prenatal Massage) 

 This luxurious prenatal massage for mothers-to-be will nourish the skin, reducing fluid retention, dry skin, stress and stretch marks. Specialized techniques are employed that also reduce swelling and discomfort, improving circulation and producing an overall sense of well-being.  *Note this treatment is not permitted in the first trimester 45 minutes | $92

Hot Stone Massage  

Perfect massage for a snowy day, or after a long day of vigorous activity, basalt stones magnify the effects of your massage to melt away tension, increase circulation, comfort, and warmth. $120

Hot Stone Massage with Chakra balancing 

 With Chakra balancing using semi precious stones this treatment has amazing relaxation effects with hot stones used throughout the massage to work deeply into tight sore muscles and melt away the tension.  Crystals are then used on the Chakra points to help restore mental and spiritual balance. $155



Spa Body Treatments

Ritual Treatments for the Body [comfort zone]

Aromatherapy Body Wrap (Skin tightening and Firming)  Ignites a sensation of well-being, releasing tight muscles, improving circulation, hydration, toning and improved circulation.  Leaving you feeling tranquil and your mind free and relaxed. $125

Bangi Di Pisa Thermal Mud Body wrap (Detoxifying and skin tightening)  An intensive treatment with thermal mud from Pisa in Italy, blended with green tea and essential oils for detoxifying and anti-cellulite actions.  Recommended for all types of cellulite. $125

Himalayan Salt Hot Stone Detox Body wrap treatment  An Exclusive treatment, using bricks of carved Himalayan Salt which are heated, to smooth tension right down to your soul.  The massage gently exfoliates your skin, and then you are wrapped in a unique oil blend mixed with ground Himalayan salt.  This is a detoxifying and revitalizing treatment for the body and mind, the unique massage is designed for its efficacy and pleasure.  With the extraordinary composition of the Himalayan salts, rich in essential minerals, the treatment purify’s the skin and the vital organs and leaves you feeling refreshed and nurtured.  With fewer aches and pains, better circulation, enhanced metabolism, and higher energy, it really is a miracle. $165


Spa Enhancements

*These can be added to any treatment*  | Prices Below

Eye Zone Refresh  Added to any body treatment, this will decrease fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness around the eyes. $35

Foot Specialist Peeling Treatment  Foot ritual -Feet are given a brief scrub and wrapped in enzyme peel to remove old, dead skin.  The enzyme is removed and the feet are rewrapped in deeply hydrating lotion made with neem cream which has amazing healing properties. A smooth silky skin nourished and hydrated feet are the result.  Completely renewed appearance. $35

Scalp Treatment  Our customized moisturizing treatment addresses the needs of your scalp and hair. Natural essential oils will add shine to the hair while you receive a calming scalp massage intended to make your hair look soft and healthy, and for you to feel deeply nurtured. $35

Cupping  Involves placing cups on the skin and creating a vacuum by suctioning out the air. The underlying tissue is raised, or sucked, partway into the cup. The purpose of cupping is to enhance circulation, help relieve pain, remove “heat” and pull out the toxins that linger in your body’s tissues. $17