Services and Pricing for Seniors.

Healthy Aging-Seniors Massage and Wellness

Home Care for Seniors

Maintaining Health for Healthy Aging | $320/month

Weekly visits with a combination of massage and a specially designed seniors exercise program.

Once a week a therapist will visit, and a mix of seniors massage and seniors exercise will be used.  Which techniques are used will depend on the current health of the client as well as the goals of the client.  Our goal is always to help our clients thrive within their current limitations, and to improve both mobility and quality of life.

Recovery & Improvement | $731/month

2 sessions a week, usually seniors massage and exercise for seniors,  but with one appointment a month being grooming, either nails, hair or foot care.

1 session of Osteopath or Hypnotherapy can also be substituted in every month

Maximize Health & Independence | $1100/month

3 sessions a week, where sessions include massage and exercise with 1 session of hypnotherapy every month, to improve results and help with pain management.

Once a month a visit from a Manual Osteopath, 1-foot care appointment a month, and one other grooming appointment a month.

Also, one shopping trip a month, where we can stop and pick up shopping on the way.

Seniors Services

Shopping & Errands | expenses $40 for the first hour plus expenses, $20 for each additional hour as needed.

  • Hypnotherapy | $175/session
  • Manual Osteopath | $125/session

Seniors Massage | $85/hour

Exercise for seniors| $85/hour

  • Reflexology | $85/hour
  • Foot care | $50/hour
  • Grooming  [Hair, Manicure, Pedicure or Facial] | $50-95