Seniors Care Calgary

Veterans with a variety of injuries both physical and mental, both massage and acupuncture can be helpfl

Wellness Programs

Maintaining Health | $320/month

Visits are going to be weekly and will be a combination of massage and passive exercise with once a month we can arrange a visit from a Manual Osteopath to help with balancing the body and organs, instead of a massage therapist.


Recovery & Improvement | $731/month

2 sessions a week, usually massage and exercise but with one appointment a month being grooming, either nails, hair or foot care.

1 session of Osteopath or Hypnotherapy can also be substituted in every month.


Maximize Health & Independence | $1100/month

3 sessions a week, where sessions include massage and exercise with 1 session of hypnotherapy every month, to improve results and help with pain management.


Once a month a visit from a Manual Osteopath, 1 foot care appointment a month, and one other grooming appointment a month.

Also, one shopping trip a month, where we can stop and pick up shopping on the way.


Additional Services

Shopping & Errands | expenses 40 for first hour plus expenses, 20 for each additional hour as needed.

Hypnotherapy | $175/session

Manual Osteopath | $125/session

Massage | $85/hour

Exercise Therapy | $85/hour

Reflexology | $85/hour

Foot care | $50/hour

Grooming  [Hair, Manicure, Pedicure or Facial] | $50-95