The answers to all your questions. FAQ’s

Congratulations, you have made it on to your own to do list, and have booked your first massage with us.

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Well Done!

You might have some questions, so here are the answers.

What do you need to do before we get there?

Clear a little space, in a living room, your bedroom, bonus room or basement, all are good.  The best space will be somewhere quiet, and if possible, slightly dark.

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Do you need to fill out your intake form?  What is it for?

Our therapists like to be prepared, and if they are aware of any sore spots, medicine, injuries or illnesses that prompted your call, they can adjust their plan of action and so you get the most out of your treatment.

What should you be wearing?  

When we arrive and have set up our massage table, we will leave the room to wash our hands while you hop on the massage table, so your privacy will be protected.  If you are wearing comfortable clothes or a robe before you get on the table, that is also what will be handy when you get dressed after.  You will be relaxed after, why not have comfy clothes handy.

When you are on the massage table, you can leave your undies on-or take them off, truthfully it doesn’t matter very much, as at all times during the massage or other treatment you will be covered, to protect your modesty and ours.

Do you want to pay with your health Insurance?

Sure- why not it saves you a step later, just send your insurance info along with your birthdate, we are happy to take care of it for you.

What do I need to do after?

Drink a little extra water- never a bad idea anyway, but don’t feel the need to shower, our products are filled with nurturing and natural ingredients and are good for your skin, no nasty artificial colours, scents or ingredients.

What if I fall asleep?

this is awesome, many great thinkers like Newton, Tesla etc and etc. have used the bodies ability to solve problems when they gently snooze and their brains engage with deeper, less structured forms of thinking.

Will it hurt?

I am not going to lie, sometimes it will just feel simply amazing, but other times, it will “hurt so good” and sometimes it just hurts, not often, but if you feel any type of discomfort communicate that to your therapist.

Embarrassed by your less then youthful Physique?

Not to worry, sadly we are not perfect either, and our job is to make you feel amazing no matter what.

Do you do extra’s?

In terms of any type of sexual or intimate touching never, please don’t ask.